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I can't see any advantage. The singlethreadmodel servlet deprecated one, performance. But it also depends on what exactly you want to sinchronize. For instance, it doesn't osterreicherinnen kennenlernen sense to synchronize the service method. If your talking singlethreadmosel SingleThreadModel, then the container may create several servlet instances and each thread will execute on its own deprecatedd. If so how to configure instance pooling in the weblogic server.

SingleThreadModel is deprecated in servlet 2. I'm not sure whether singlethreadmodel servlet deprecated are servlet containers that create multiple instances of a servlet when running with multithread model. You shouldn't configure instance pooling, I think that's the container's job. Your job is to make sure that the depreccated is thread safe, without the need of implementing SingleThreadModel using local variables, avoiding static variables, etc.

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Servlets : SingleThreadModel

La valeur de l'attribut errorPage de la directive page doit contenir l'URL de la page d'erreur. Defines an exception that a servlet or filter throws to indicate that it is permanently or temporarily unavailable. Some of the important tasks of servlet container are: Correctly complete Comet requests when the Comet END event is triggered asynchronously. For other than the above two scenarios, forward is efficient to use since it is faster than sendRedirect. Constants with the auth method names from HttpServletRequest. What is MIME Type? If the client refreshes the browser only the displayPaymentInfo will be done again and PyamenProcess will not be repeated. Servlet Container provides easy way of communication between web client Browsers and the servlets and JSPs. Servlet API hierarchy is shown in below image.

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javax. servlet. Interface SingleThreadModel. Deprecated. As of Java Servlet API , with no direct replacement. public interface SingleThreadModel. Ensures. For servlets not implementing the SingleThreadModel interface, But the SingleThreadModel interface has been marked as deprecated as of. But, the problems with SingleThreadModel are so severe that it is deprecated in the servlet (JSP ) specification. You are much better off using explicit. Deprecated. As of Java Servlet API , with no direct replacement. It is recommended that a developer take other means to resolve those.