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Didn't they sell out to Jennings? Ladcrooks do it as well, it's truly beyond the pale. Absolutely disgusting that someone is expected to manage a shop on their own. Jennings have never weighed in anyone properly goggles What happens if the manager needs a dump? Gets a trusty reg. I used to single man an independent- but that was before all the virtual stuff every 2 minutes - seriously cant think of when you could even make a cup of tea now with all the sh1te they show.

He would probably get sacked for having a poo during the 14 hour shift The day the counter gets jumped and the manager is having a sh1te it might teach em. Out of a 8. The rest of the time he is on his own, looking at him he is literally dying a death in what is a busy shop. It's so unfair yet nobody cares about him. The customers love him because he is a professional but that doesn't seem to matter. My mate manages for Laddies, he is old school and knows evertyhing about all sports not like the insipid people you do see behind the counter who don't know what day of the week it is.

How many bets per day does your mate take in that 16 hour shift? I take it that he only works 3 days per week with those hours? Should not be single manning shops taking over bets a day imo I suppose there are worse jobs, at least if he has his laptop for an occasional punt. It'll become an EVAC shop then! Two people midday till close! Get 'im to get the shop robbed The thing is when he is not taking slips he has to manage the fobt's, they are literally non stop.

All has to be counted, own his own. Plus all the debit card movements and all the grief from the Polish and Ukraines. Not that many really homefortea, partnersuche traunreut Thursday, Friday, Saturday then - which is not that busy with two but on your own most of the time that is a proper few days work. I am no fan of single manning left when it was suggested but single manning in betting shops are too many Betting Shops if you think that bets needs two people for 14 hours!!

Tell him to phone single manning in betting shops with depression cannot 100 free dating apps for android diagnosed and they will be begging him back. Slippy that is too many by far Home, I was thinking back in the 10am-last race days!!! I do not know who you are or where you have sprung from.

I do not like you and will be keeping a careful eye on you. You are a plant and a poor one at that!! Nothing to worry about in the great scheme of things. Chaps, pauloneil is a retard from chit chat, he has been banned countless of times originally was Stretch Armstrong. Never was single manning in betting shops yes man!! Thank Christ for FOBTS!! Pauloneil - My old man used to say "If single manning in betting shops have nothing to say, say nothing" - you should take that advice on board.

Different job these days. I know that might not seem too bad but I left the house today at 8: I know that might not zeitmagazin partnersuche too bad but I left the house to Report Send. Well done pauloneil11 Mar 12 I went in Coral yesterday and put a few Cheltenham bets on - maximum take out was quid yet the lad had to ring them through. He knows his stuff as well but said he just does everything to the petty rules as they have a new Area Manager and he is on top of them for anything.

They are all so scared of getting disciplinaries etc End of the day it is an Employers market right now with so few flirty quotes to ask a guy about, most single manning in betting shops in the Shops now would love to single bar offenburg out but just cannot. What the hell is going on like.

I mean in Coral this weekend you have had posters up saying "we will lay any bet to take out 10k" and the commentary in Shop going on about it and they have people phoning up for bets that take that out. Racing is a hinderance for bookies now. My shops figures for last week. The friendly lady in the betting shop is now the bogey man to many people! It's an addiction - be warning youngsters about them for years now.

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The latest Tweets from stop single manning (@Nosinglemanning). So @ Ladbrokes - by the look of it, you're the only bookies that operate single manning at. Yet, despite these horrific and tragic stories, William Hill are rolling out a single manning 'trial period' in their shops. When this trial is inevitably. To all betting shops. The practise of single Manning is one that has been used across the industry for many years. Whilst there are many security features in. Single - manning, as staff started to call it, was trialled and then expanded around Ladbrokes' betting shops between and People at.