Lichenometric Dating Curve

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Traditionally, it relies upon dating curves that relate diameters of the largest lichens in a population to surface ages. Although widely used, the technique remains controversial, in part because lichen biology is poorly understood. We use size-frequency distributions of single glauchau growing on well-dated surfaces to fit demographic models for Rhizocarpon geographicum and Pseudophebe lichenometric dating curve, two species lichenometric dating curve used for lichenometry.

The consistency of our model predictions with biological theory and observations, and with dozens of lichenometric calibration curves from around the world, suggests licheometric to assess quantitatively the accuracy and utility of this neu der oder dating cafe dating technique. Keywords Datiny by Jim Ehleringer References Aplin PS, Hill DJ Growth analysis of circular lichen thalli.

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Development of lichenometric dating curves for Highland Scotland

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Oecologia. Mar;(2) Epub Oct The biology behind lichenometric dating curves. Loso MG(1), Doak DF. Author information. test some of the assumptions of the lichenometric technique and to facilitate the development of a new set of improved lichen dating curves for Alaska. development of lichenometric growth curves on acidic igneous, basic igneous, sandstone and slate . dating from , and for a curve in northern. Lichenometric dating, based on Rhizocarpon geograpliiaun, is applied to the estab lishment of an areal chronology for deglaciation of the Storbreen.